Majestic Sailfish

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Striped SailfishThe invitation to film sailfish off the coast of Mexico was one that we had to take.  They are the  fastest fish in the world, and getting up-close and personal while they hunt down the bait balls of sardines travelling from further north was spectacular.  It isn’t easy work.  They bait balls are very different to those found in South Africa. Read More

Filming the Biggest UK Underwater Clean-up

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Windermere clean up Adventurer and presenter, Paul Rose is a great supporter of marine conservation issues as well as being a patron of The Plastic Oceans Foundation.  So when he decided to undertake a massive underwater clean up in Lake Windermere we went along to film it.  It was early March so pretty chilly, but it was an amazing event.  Around 260 divers turned up and braved the cold to do their bit.  In total around 7 tonnes of waste was removed from the lake, which included 73 car tyres and 4 car batteries.  There was enough to fill a shipping container.Windermere cleanup

Filming Blue Whales

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Boat handlingBlue Whales are incredibly difficult to film.  Like many animals they don’t read the director’s script!  So being in the right place at the right time is incredibly difficult.  We were fortunate to be involved in a shoot that did manage to be in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment.  It enabled us to get some amazing underwater footage of these magnificent animals. Read More